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I came to know Christ back in the year 2001 while living in Los Angeles. I'm originally from San Diego, but in 1999 I had left pursuing a career in order to return home with some income because I was a teen dad. With no foundation in my life, I found myself not enjoying the person I was becoming and I knew eventually my labor would be in vain and nothing that I would do would ever be genuine or fulfilling. I was gaining the whole world and losing my soul along with it.

This is when a friend invited me to church at Calvary Chapel South Bay (in Torrance) with Pastor Steve Mays and since then no matter where I lived, I have been seeking Jesus out and God has been good to my life for honoring His Son. When I returned to San Diego I immediately got grounded at Mission Valley Christian Fellowship. The theme was Love, Grow, Help. These three have always stuck out from my time there. God allowed me to serve in the youth ministry and eventually they started a prison ministry and the Lord quickly used me there. I committed myself to working with Dennis Martinez one of the pastors who headed up the youth and the prison ministry outreaches back then. Later I was recognized as volunteer staff and began serving the congregational needs with the leadership there. It was an honor. In the years to follow, God blessed me with my wife Tina, four daughters, three sons, and two granddaughters. Both of us are still in our middle 30’s and we have a blended family.

I have always done the work of a chaplain in the prisons since the beginning volunteering through several ministries like Prison Fellowship and Bill Glass ministries. Since then I have had the honor of serving in the office of a deacon and later recognized and ordained as a pastor of a faith based treatment center/church. God entrusted Dennis Martinez and I along with a few others with The Training Center Ephesians 4:11-16 and this is where I now serve my family and church community.