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My name is Hodges Lucas. I am a proud graduate of The Training Center Program, Class of August, 2010. I was a program coordinator for the Amity Foundation while in prison, and I was selected by the SB618 Program as a parolee that was most likely to succeed. This program was sponsored by District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis. I have been a counselor at the Training Center for 4 years. My work experience includes working with dual diagnosed clients as well as clients that have various ongoing, serious medical conditions. Other responsibilities include random drug testing and facilitating drug education groups such as, Relapse Prevention, mock Intervention Groups, and Spiritual Modification groups. I do one on one counseling with the clients to assist them with their Treatment Plan Goals teaching them skills to transition back into society as productive members of society. I am a proud member of CAADE (California Association of Alcohol and Drug Educators) and I have just completed 2 years of Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drug Studies at San Diego City College. I and will be taking my State Certification Exam in October of 2014.