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I was brought up in a good loving family, but at the age of 15 years old, I met Joe and we fell in love. Joe was into drugs and I didn't know it. Joe & I married in 1967 and had 3 sons. I became familiar with the drug life and eventually was introduced to heroin, which dragged our lives all the way to rock bottom. I divorced Joe in 1976, because of his heroin habit, which I wanted no part of after being arrested for sales. The sales was Joe's business and the arrest was suppose to be for him not me. I ended up going to a drug rehabilitation for 6 months and completed my probation. I had been united with my sons and began to work and just drank at parties with my girlfriends. One day I saw Joe at his parents home and realized I was seeing and hearing a different Joe. We tried to make it together again, but Joe began drinking and doing coke. He eventually hit rock bottom again, but this time he asked for help. He moved to San Diego where he began his new life with The Lord. All our sons eventually surrendered their lives to Jesus and in 1993 I too gave my heart to Jesus. After 21 years of being divorced from Joe, we were brought back together by Jesus. I moved to San Diego and joined my husband in ministry at the Training Center and at times have gone into the prisons to minister to those behind bars. We celebrated 16 years on November 15, 2013, but this time our lives are led by the power, grace and mercies of our loving and forgiving Father God.

I now work as a dietary supervisor and am able to work as a consultant for the kitchen at the Training Center and to also speak hope and skills to those that work in the lichen. We are proud to say that our kitchen  passes all the inspections that come our way.