Off the Street™ is a reality television series that aims to educate the public on the impact and pain caused by crime through the stories and testimonies of some of America’s hardest criminals from both prison and off the street. Through the life stories of various individuals, OTS™ will hold strong to the never-ending pursuit of reducing crime at the source through redemption, education, prevention, and intervention.


OTS Reality™ intends to build a nationwide network of viewer-involved projects to implement our proven model of crime prevention and community education. OTS Reality™ will act as the conduit, uniting and guiding law enforcement and like-minded organizations in a symbiotic relationship to achieve a real, tangible reduction in crime in cities across the United States. OTS Reality™ captivates an audience with the hope of inspiring America to join the fight in crime prevention. The efforts and programs used by OTS Reality™ is proven to lower crime and reduce the necessary funding from local and state governments. Through OTS Reality™ and the programs associated, a better way of life can be created for today, tomorrow, and for years to come, both economically and in our communities.


OFF THE STREET™ has no equal! For the first time in history, a television reality series documents the true accounts of real people. Through innovative technical and creative elements, we show you parolees working with law enforcement in matters of prevention and intervention where, when and how it happens. What makes OFF THE STREET™ rise above the rest is that for the first time, the viewer will witness what happens with real ex-convicts after time served. How does the community react when those we once feared are allowed back on the street?

From panoramic views of a trendy metropolis to the hidden, dark corners of locations few would dare to go anywhere near, no one will show you the truth about life in our seedy, ruthless underworld...unless it's OFF THE STREET™!

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