Training Center FAQs

Q – You say you are a faith based program, what faith are you talking about?
A – The Christian faith, based on the Holy Bible.

Q – Do you have to be a Christian to come to Training Center?
A – No, in fact we get many who are non-Christian and also of other faiths.

Q – Do I have to become a Christian while at your program?
A – At Training Center, we don’t force our beliefs on anyone. That will be your own decision but we do incorporate Bible scripture within our curriculum. Most people come because of our faith. It is our hope and desire that every person who comes to Training Center will know how much God loves them and comes to desire a real relationship with Him.

Q – How long is the program?
A – Our program lasts for 4 to 6 months. Four months residential and two months of sober living. We recommend that you be honest with yourself as we have found the majority of people who are honest with themselves stay longer have a greater success. How much is your life worth?

Q – Can I only do one (1) month?
A – If it is a court ordered situation then we will visit the thought. That will be up to the program director and you. We recommend that you be honest with yourself. How much is your life worth?

Q – What is the cost for your program?
A – Please contact our program director Joe Vasquez at 619-754-5033

Q – When can a person go to work while in your program?
A – That will depend on your program counselor and what phase you are in. It will also depend if you are doing your program.

Q – Is there a black out?
A – Yes. There is a fourteen (14) day black-out period at the beginning of your stay here.

Q – What is a black-out?
A – A 'black-out' is a special period when a person first checks in to the program. He is not allowed to leave anywhere for fourteen (14) days. The person is confined as he adjusts to the program.

Q – What if I get sick and need to go to hospital or have a court date during black-out?
A – TC staff will call an ambulance in the case of a medical issue. Depending on the situation, if you have a court date an escort will assist you.

Q – How many phases are there?
A – There are 5 phases (with the 5th phase being graduation) and each is based on your treatment plan. Phase-ups do not happen automatically. You have to complete each phase to move up.

Q – Do I get overnight weekend passes?
A – Yes, when you are in the right phase. That will be decided by your assigned counselor.

Q – Will I be assigned a counselor?
A – Yes. Each client will get assigned a counselor. You will also have access to two MFTs (interns) and the pastors. We highly recommend that you take full advantage of the counseling offered to you.

Q – Do I get my own room?
A – No. No program is granted their own room. This is to ensure the accountability of each client.

Q – What am I allowed to bring?
A – Please contact program director Joe Vasquez 619-754-5033 for what is allowed. Anything that you’re not willing to lose we suggest that you keep safe at home. Training Center is not held responsible for lost or stolen items.

Q – Can friends and family visit me?
A – Yes, with approval by TC staff. We believe that family is very important in recovery. Please take note that we reserve the right to ask any person visiting to leave or be tested if we see something out of the ordinary. ALL VISTORS MUST OBEY TC RULES!!!

Q – When can I have visits?
A – Visits are allowed on Saturdays after the last program class (1-7pm). On Sundays, visits are allowed as early as 10am for church until 7pm. Sunday during church, family or friends are not allowed in apartments during services. They must participate. Again all family and friends must follow the rules. We also offer the families lunch and dinner if they desire. All we ask is that you let our kitchen team know so that we can prepare enough food.

Q – I've heard that programs don’t give you enough food. Will I get hungry?
A – At Training Center you will not get hungry. We provide 3 meals a day. There are many other goodies that get dropped of daily that the men take into their apartments.

Q – Can I bring my own food?
A – Yes. Please understand that you must mark your food; sometimes other clients might take your food if it is not marked. If you have a special diet then it is suggested that you let the TC kitchen know.

Q – What about recreation?
A – We have basketball, foosball, horseshoes, and a great weight pile. Other than that people jog, as well as other activites.

Q – Can I have my car while in the program?
A – Yes, when you are in the right phase. That will depend on you and your counselor. While having your car here at TC while in program, you must show proof of driver’s license and insurance. No other client is allowed to drive your car.

Q – I have to take medication. Is that okay?
A – We are program that deals with medication management and will check to make sure the type of medication you are taking is allowed at Training Center.

For all other questions or concerns, please call Training Center and speak to our program director Joe Vasquez at 619-754-5033.

We believe that faith-based treatment can heal all destructive behaviors and allow people to once again become productive in all areas of their lives.

We recommend that you be honest with yourself as we have found the majority of people who are honest with themselves have a greater chance of success. How much is your life worth?