Sober Living Homes

Training Center offers sober living environments for those moving through the process of restoration to a new normal life. These homes offer the support of others walking through their sobriety in a Christian environment.


Prison Ministry

Training Center works closely with Centinela and Calipatria State Prisons, providing workshops designed to support inmate reentry. While the pandemic has stopped the in-person visits, there are still ways for us to interact with those who want to make a transition to sober living. We expect to resume the in-person part of this support as soon as the opportunity presents itself to us.


Community Workshops

Training Center prides itself on its community presence. Workshops and presentations are offered at area schools, youth groups, and community partner agencies. Proactive and preventative measures are an essential part of impacting our community for good.


Training Center:  A Vehicle for Change

Graduates go on to live productive lives in the community.