Prison Life

Prison Life focuses on men, women and youth to break the negative cycles of constant law offenders. By putting in work within the prison walls, we have proven evidence that trust must be won with these people by showing that we care.
The character of most adults incarcerated is displayed through the youth of today. These kids show early signs of problem behavior, having been exposed to a significant set of family, community, neighborhood, school, and personal risk factors.

There is no quick solution but to love these people who have been created in the image and likeness of God. Society and some family members have said, “They will never amount to anything.” We believe this is not true based on the evidence we’ve seen in the work we do.

A fingerprint proves that each person is special, one of a kind; a design that no one has except that unique individual, which makes each person “priceless.”

The team of Prison Life is made up of former drug addicts, convicts, criminals and sinners who have been greatly forgiven and are living proof that people can change.